Adopting a Puppy

Congratulations on deciding to adopt your very own Multi- Generational Australian Labradoodle puppy. You won't regret this decision. Here is a guideline on how our adoption process works. 

  1. The first step in adopting one of our puppies is to fill out a puppy application to join our waiting list. Once we approve your application, you will be put on a master list that will cover all of our litters, future and present (if available). We will confirm our waiting list each time our female(s) go into heat. If, when we confirm, via email, we do not receive a response from you or you tell us you have found another puppy elsewhere, we will remove you from the list and move on to the next person. Once our female has been confirmed pregnant, we will contact the top five families on our waiting list to ask for $500 deposits towards a puppy and, as well, a Puppy Deposit Contract. These can be done either in person at our home or virtually with eTransfer if preferred. 
  2. When the puppies have been born, pictures will be posted on our website and social media and we will be sending out an email to those with deposits to let them know the puppies have arrived.  At this point, we will give everyone until 6.5 weeks to choose their puppies in the order we received your deposits as this makes things as fair as possible. We will not be allowing visitors until after their first vaccines which take place at 6 weeks of age. At this time, your remaining balance for your puppy ($2890 including HST) will be due and we will have you sign our puppy contract. If you choose to select your puppy before 6.5 weeks of age, you are welcome to do so provided it is your family's turn to choose. However, once you select the puppy you will not have the opportunity to change as we will extend this selection process to the next person in our list. Please be certain that this is the puppy you choose. We will always encourage you to watch our puppies via social media and live videos so that you can get a sense for the puppy's temperament and personality before choosing one that would best suit you and your family's needs. Again, we are always there to help.

3. Your puppy will be available for you to pick up between the ages of 8-10 weeks of age. At this time, we will have had our first vet visit and your puppy will have a clean bill of health. If your puppy does not seem well enough to go home, we will hold your puppy until they are fit to leave Windsor Doodle. Though our mission is to provide happy homes for each of our puppies, their health and well-being must come first. Those that do take their puppies home, we strongly recommend that you have a vet appointment for their 10 week check-up already in place. In fact, we recommend making this appointment once you find out your puppy has been born.

4. When you pick up your puppy, they will have been microchipped, dewormed at least twice, their first set of vaccinations will have been completed and they will have a dose of revolution applied at 6 weeks. We use the Town and Country Animal Clinic in Lasalle, Ontario and Dr. Fetherston would be more than happy to welcome you to his family vet clinic. 

At your puppy's 10 week check-up, you will be expecting your vet to administer his/her second set of shots (he may or may not suggest the leptospirosis vaccine at this time), deworm for the third and final time and discuss a regimen to address fleas, ticks and heartworm prevention. You will also make another appointment with him for your puppy's 14 week appointment. 

5. Your puppy will go home with a sample of food (we use the Purina Pro Plan Puppy food), a blanket with the litter's scent, a copy of his/her registration papers with WALA and his/her pedigree from WALA, paperwork to show how to transfer the microchip information into your name and a few other odds and ends. We also offer a one month free trial of Trupanion pet health insurance and a 25% discount for Baxter and Bella's Online training program. 

Our Puppy Contract

Puppy Deposit Contract

Puppy Application

We Recommend
Baxter and Bella

We understand that everyone is having a hard time getting into training programs and maybe not getting the training they need for their puppy, so we are recommending the online puppy school that comes into your home virtually. 

Online Puppy Training School

Baxter and Bella has resources for all your puppy training needs and even provides one-on-one 20 minute training sessions over video chat, so that you can get the personal attention your dog requires. Use the code: WINDSOR to get 25% off on your lifetime subscription (one time fee).

Our Puppies are raised with the help of Jane Killion's Puppy Culture program.