High Time's Cozy by the Fire

Tully was born at High Time Australian Labradoodles in Waterloo, ON on January 2nd, 2022. She has since been a wonderful addition to the family here at Windsor Doodle where she stays in a Guardian home in Windsor with lots of fur brothers and sisters. She makes her human momma so happy!


Mischief maker

Born January 2nd, 2022, Cozy has been in her new Guardian Home since February 26th, 2022. She lives in her family's house with three other dogs of all different ages. She is the baby and she uses it to her advantage. She loves her new Mom, Janet, and spends every waking minute with her. Her new dad, Todd, is her favorite for yummy treats and lots of fun. Cozy's Guardian Home is in Windsor, ON but she gets to travel with her family all over to visit new great places. We are very excited to see all the wonderful things she will be able to enjoy and bring into this world. We are expecting her first litter in the Spring of 2023. 

Cozy's Genetic Health panel is clear by parentage. Her OFA hips and elbows fair and clear for dysplasia. Her eyes and heart of have been tested and cleared by OFA and her genetic line can be tracked back to Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, the original breeding programs in Australia for Australian Labradoodles. 

Cozy's Certifications

Cozy has been cleared by parentage for genetic health issues common to the Australian Labradoodle. Her parents were tested with Paw Print Genetics. She is also registered with the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA). 


Genetic Health Testing

World Australian Labradoodle Association


OFA Hip/Elbow Certified

Health and Disease Testing for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia as well as Eye and Cardiac