Windsor Doodle Puppy Application

Windsor Doodle Puppies are $3000 plus HST and come with a 2-year genetic health guarantee. To aid our potential puppy homes, we have put together a very rough idea of how much a puppy costs in the first year when living in Windsor, Ontario. Click below to see our very rough estimate and remember this is just an idea and these numbers vary greatly depending on where you live.

Windsor Doodle Puppy Application

Puppy Application

At Windsor Doodle, we want to know as much about our potential puppy owners as possible in order to place them in the right homes. We ask that you take the time to fill our Puppy Application to begin the process of purchasing or reserving a puppy from Windsor Doodle.

Your Information

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Australian Labradoodle Puppy Application

When we receive this form, we will contact you and let you know if we will add you to our waiting list. Please be thorough with your answers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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