Our Puppies

Cozy had her litter January 28th, 2024 and Tully had her litter on February 20th and 21st, 2024! Puppies will go home in March and April of 2024.

About Our Litters

We have Puppies!

Windsor's River Run Tully and DeWitt Valley's Vincenzo had their litter on February 20th and 21st, 2024. We had 9 puppies in the litter, 5 girls and 4 boys, all of which will be ready to go home on April 16th, 2024. We have availability on this litter. 

January 28th & February 20th


High-Time's Cozy by the Fire and Windsor's Love from Dad had their litter on January 28th, 2024 and their puppies will go home in March 24th, 2024. Deposits are open for both litters. Photos, videos, updates and more can be accessed on our social media channels,  so Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date news. 

Cozy and Anbu's Pokemon Litter! 

Our Current litter with Cozy and Anbu has 7 males and we do have availability in this litter! Puppies are eligible to go home starting March 24th, 2024.  

Male - red coat with white markings. Already super sweet and first of the litter to be born.  I don't think those blue eyes will stay, but he's got a great temperament. He is slightly reserved and not the leader, but he sits back and watches first. He loves attention and companionship. 


I can't say enough about this little guy - he was the first one to give kisses and tolerates being held so well. He is so sweet and kind. I'll be sad to see him leave but happy he's going to a great home. 


He's the runt of the litter and he's our little panda bear. He is tiny but feisty. He's usually the one to get picked on but he holds his own. He's a little fighter and he's going to be a great dog. 


Mewtwo is our middle-of-the-road puppy. He's not he first or the last, but he's well-rounded in terms of temperament and size and he's a great, beautiful little pup. 


Our shy puppy, Flareon is a little still when it comes to new things, but he loves his brothers and plays really well. Once he's comfortable, he does excellent. 


Pikachu kind of photo-bombed our shot, lol. But Snorlax is our resident bully. He's got lots of energy and spunk and he's ready to learn new things. He has the best recall and he's very smart. 


If there is an opposite to a runt, it's this guy. He's probably the largest puppy I have ever bred and he's energetic and fun. He's stubborn a bit and he loves being outside. He never wants to come in, no matter how cold. 

Tully and Vincenzo's Starbucks Litter! 

Our Current litter with Tully and Vincenzo has 9 puppies, 5 females and 4 males, and we do have availability in this litter! Puppies are eligible to go home starting April 16th, 2024.  

He's the first to give kisses and he's the first to venture and go the farthest of any litter. A brave little sweet-heart. 


Born second in the litter, Cappuccino is our little chunky boy for now. 


Espresso has such a gorgeous coat and great markings. She shines and she's loving. 


Our last born male for this litter, Frappuccino has a red coat and patches of white on his chest. A very beautiful little boy. 


Mocha is a beautiful female apricot and white puppy with a white heart on her forehead and beautiful white chest markings. A very unique pattern indeed. 


Our last and 9th puppy born, she is a beautiful apricot with white markings. Chai has wonderful white markings around her whole body and she is a keeper! 


The best coat and temperament. So well-mannered and tolerant and a great size. 


Bright and intelligent, she's a beauty and a little mouther. She's going to be a fun and energetic puppy which usually means very smart. 


He's read to give kisses and hugs to whoever walks in the door. Americano is our little lover and we love him right back. 

Our Puppies are raised with the help of Jane Killion's Puppy Culture program.