Windsor's Love from Dad

Joining the Windsor Doodle family in 2022, Windsor's Love from Dad is an up and coming multi-generational Australian Labradoodle Stud. Born December 4th, 2021, he is an apricot tuxedo male with gorgeous, take-me-home eyes and a winning personality. 

Love from Dad

The Stud Muffin 

Born December 4th, 2022, Love from Dad (call name Anbu) came into the world right here at Windsor Doodle. Sweet and gentle, Love from Dad is being homed at a nearby guardian home with a small family in Lasalle who makes their puppy a part of the family. He lives his best life with his mom and dad and new baby brother, Noah and he is loved beyond measure. Anbu is an absolute sweetheart but such a puppy. He is always wanting to play and have fun. He is always up to something and into something. He is always eating but never gains any weight. He's everything he should be and more. 

Love from Dad's genetic panel is clear for any and all carriers. He is clear for Elbow Dysplasia and Hips are rated Good. He has been certified by OFA for eye health and cardiac health and is in perfect condition.  

Love from Dad's Certifications

Love from Dad has been tested for genetic health issues common to the Australian Labradoodle with Paw Print Genetics. 


Genetic Health Testing

World Australian Labradoodle Association


OFA Hip/Elbow Certified

Health and Disease Testing for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia as well as Eye and Cardiac

Our Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle, Windsor's Love from Dad, offers a competitive rate for his stud services. Windsor Doodle even offers a special rate for breeding programs that are searching for a long term stud service.


1. A (-) brucellosis test within 7 days, if natural breeding is done, prior to breeding.
2. An OFA or equivalent certification for Hip and Elbow dysplasia.
3. Genetic Health testing certificates for Dam from a reliable company (such as Paw Print Genetics) for the Australian Labradoodle Essential Panel.
4. A copy of the 3-5 generation pedigree.
5. If Artificial Insemination is done, Dam owner is responsible for all charges related to collection and shipping of semen.
6. Dam owner agrees to provide a copy of her pet contract stating that all pets must be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age.  

$3000/Stud Service

*Single Stud Service

  • We recommend two interactions on two different days during the female's heat.
  • Two puppies make a litter (see Stud agreement for further details)
  • Fee must be paid before stud service takes place
  • Windsor Doodle accepts Cash, Bank Draft or Etransfer.
$2800/Stud Service

*Minimum Three Stud Services

  • Not all Stud Services need be with the same female but all within the same breeding program.
  • Two puppies make a litter (see Stud Agreement for further details)
  • Fee must be paid before stud service takes place
  • Windsor Doodle accepts Cash, Bank Draft or Etransfer.