A Puppy's First year

Have you been trying to understand what are the financial costs involved with adopting a puppy? Windsor Doodle has done some homework and we want to share with you our rough estimate of what is involved with owning a puppy in their first year in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

  1. Our Puppy Price from Windsor Doodle is $3000 +HST and this cost will include their first vet visit, their first shots, their first flea, tick and heartworm treatment, their first and second deworming, their pedigree, and their first month of Trupanion Health Insurance. 
  2. Second Vet Visit* (Including fecal test, deworming, 6-in-1 puppy vaccine, Kennel cough vaccine, Lyme Vaccine, Veterinary Examination) - $315
  3.  Third Vet Visit* (Including everything from the first visit plus their Rabies Vaccination) - $360
  4.  Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention (Calculated according to prices for Nex-Gard Spectra) - $300/year
  5. Spaying your Female or Neutering your male - $150 (Price taken from the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society Veterinary Clinic Website and will increase significantly if done through your normal veterinarian's office)
  6.  Quality Dog Food (considered at 1 bag Purina Pro Plan Puppy per 2 months) - $75/bag or $450/year
  7. Groomer every 2 months (Smoochies Poochies rough estimate) - $70 +taxes and Tip (rounded to $100/bimonthly or $600/year)
  8. Trupanion Health Insurance - $45.00/month or $540/year (this plan is their medium plan and has a $200 deductible)
  9. Dog Training (Pet Smart's Premium Package in Windsor) - $314

10. Dog Crate - $200

11. Dog Bed - $50

12. Dog Pen - $100

13. Dog Brush and Comb - $60

14. Dog Bowls - $20

15. Collar, Leash and Harness (this price is based on size changes from puppy to adult and chewing through at least 2-3 leashes in the first year) - $100

16. Tags - $15

19. Puppy Pads (This price is based on buying at least three boxes in the first year) - $80

20. Dog Toys (this will vary greatly) - $300

*These prices are rough estimates from Town and Country Animal Clinic in Lasalle, Ontario in 2021.
Disclaimer: All these prices are rough estimates and may vary depending upon your residence area, veterinarian, pet store and personal preference.

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